13 January, 2010

I have given myself the assignment to write about life in the almost wilderness, but I haven't launched that ship my friend. I think I will have to wait a few weeks for a thaw to come, then fire up the chainsaw and cut up what the winter provided. Hundreds of pine trees in repose. They recline like sun bathers, broken from the wet snow, broken from something that makes them evergreens.

It is time to start thumbing through the seed catalogs, in search of lusty pinups of melons, sunflowers and tomato plants. This year we are going to try something new, and each take ownership of a crop or two. This will help
keep us involved and keep Daddy Shealy from doing all the weeding. See, I  like to pick seeds, start seeds and plant seeds. I don't like to weed. This is my flaw, among many, but It's not fun to get down there unless I have nothing else to do but feel one with the earth. It takes a shift.
My favorite catalog is Baker Creek . This guy is amazing and has an interesting thing going on.

Rare Seeds!

Long live food!


Anonymous said...

Best catalog ever!

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