19 February, 2010

A bright and shiny combination of locals and sunshine has my heart plotting how I can spend my winters on the west end of Negril. I love the children and local families with their little road side businesses. I am inspired to build more small structures on the farm, and to invite people to stay for a sustainable artist experience. Today Cheney and I went to Elvis and Laura's to see their place down in the Divers Community. A little mini town off the strip of resorts, where people have little shops and homes made of anything they can get their hands on. (It is very expensive to ship anything to Jamaica.) Laura showed us around the yard. They have a house built of brick with maybe ten little cabins built of wood with a common area for the community Girls Club. Isuggested teaching the boys to play chess, it had worked wonders for the young gang inclined Sonorian boys in Arizona, I think they liked the strategy of chess. Anyway I was very impressed by Laura and her efforts.

We got a new ladder at Banana Shout today! It took five of us standing on the end of the ladder to bend it into the position it needed to be to climb into the ocean. I jumped of the cliffs three times this morning, and snorkeled a bit. Many sea urchins and jellyfish swim nearby.

Elvis & Laura


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