13 February, 2010

one eye heart

Contrast in paradise is huge and sweeping. The big blue knocks up against the cliffs of Negril. Big salty waves and sky that meets the ocean in union. Milo, the owner of the bohemian, Banana Shout Resort. paradise. I think after a person spends years tucked amongst the savage beauty and poverty of Jamaica they yearn for funny things like sitcoms, Milan, style, western people. Honestly i think Milo wants to talk to white people who work nine to five type hours and can reference films, style, anything western. The walls of the resort are high, with security held by a fellow named james, he keeps a club. Men walk down the streets with clubs and machetes. I hear the machetes are for cutting coconuts.
Yesterday, Rasta Seppte and I sat by the cliffs and painted together. He showed me a pin with a chameleon on it and told me to paint it. I painted a clothespin with two little chameleons on it and gave it to him. Then he painted a heart with an eye in it and handed it to me, I loved the game, and painted a heart for him and gave it to him. He has a dread that is maybe seven feet long. That is magic I think. He took down his dread showed the crowd of hippies. He is truly amazing with his big tam hat. Cheney said that Seppte's hat gets bigger and bigger till he floats off like a hot air balloon. ha
The air is filled with sounds of birds and synthetic bird sounds, it's hard to tell the difference with these exotic birds. I thought it was a silly noisemaker being blown by a child, but it was a tropic friend up in the banana tree. The bar down the street sings songs like- the hokey poky and stick your ass out fast, I just made that last song up but whatever.
Vibrant, alive, wild and untamed. Like capturing water with a sieve.

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