15 February, 2010

Jamaicans bring all of their myths back to the mountain. All ital foods, and natural, earth medicine comes from the mountain. Herb originates from the mountain, the rasta come from the mountain. The farmers come from the mountain. This could be the orange hill area or maybe blue mountain, or maybe a frame of mind, an internal mountain.

Today, i go with Sade to the art supply store and grocery store to buy supplies for an afternoon children's program we are hosting, producing, doing. I am thinking we need to form stations, one for music, movement, art and eating. We have been asked to pay for this. It is funny how the money is taken from every angle. Last night Phil paid for the reggae artist to perform. New reggae, but the hippies like roots music not the new sounds with the dance hall beat.  People watched from afar. I hooped for a while, trying to look festive, but I think it came off cheeky, cuz the Jamaican men were watching and their ladies looked away. I liked the music pretty well, all new experience for me, it's just that everyone wants to
see a full band ya know?

Cheney bought me a rooster wood carving for Valentines Day from a man named Herbert or Hubert. I love it! It reminds me of home on the mountain, where all good things originate.


Anonymous said...

You... are a bad ass!

Anonymous said...

I think I want to run children's art programs all over the world.