21 March, 2010

Another snow? I could almost weep, except for I have cried out all my tears this weekend. So strange. Maybe I was crying for all the sad events in my life the past few years. Just now catching up with me. I just need to put on some Billy Bragg in my brain and hoe the hell out of some land. Planted some peas, and hauled 30+ buckets of manure down to the garden space.

We asked for a sign.

I make fun of a lot of idealized stories about living up a dirt road, and building a handmade life, but I forget all my bitter words when the first rays of sunlight return. Then I am all sundresses and baby chicks again.


amy said...

Beautiful post, beautiful sisters.

Share with Rojilal said...

Both of you looking differently. I mean diff direction?
I saw some flocks at distance.Right?
Good snap and you pretty too.
See. I am an Indian.Working in the Electricity Dept as Software expert.

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Anonymous said...

crazy hearts