12 April, 2010

Welcome Diego!

Deigo has already made his chubby little way into our hearts here on Big Pine. Thank you to the folks who have purchased t shirts, allowing us to get this little Boer Buck . Just last night i ran across the pasture in a moment of pure unfettered joy with this little bucklett kicking up his heels behind him. The other two came after me as well, doing the funniest half twist springs up into the air.

I aim to breed the Nubian out of Frieda's line, I think Diego is up to the job. Raising goats for sale brings us one step closer to providing our community with safe, slow food. Don't worry, I am not going to chop Diego's head off.

It has been a rainy season, and looks like Diego has a little bit of a fungus on his back toe hoof. Off to Tractor supply to get some cream.

Goat Rot!Remedy is quite easy


JeanneBird said...

He is beautiful!!! You are one lucky girl, Tasha. XOXO, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Diego! He is a big little man! His balls are huge, I am a little concerned(: