24 May, 2010

A business plan

I missed and un missed several appointments today,thinking I had missed my grant writing workshop, then realizing I hadn't and cancelling a pre birthday massage with the lovely Katie Keyes. I uncancelled one and will march forward to another.

I have sold all of my shiitake logs and am pining for more, this can not come to fruition until next spring, where we cut oak logs before the sap has risen through the trunk and limbs to produce foliage. Tuesday I am going to the BioBusiness grant writing class. For $25 how can I go wrong? They even provide lunch.
I intend on writing a grant for expanding a mushroom business on the homestead with a goal of 600 logs in the spring. This will take hiring people to help, buying an angle grinder and several inoculators, free bags of spawn, wax, a heat source and the right bit.

I also discovered that one can cut their logs for use anytime after the leaves fall and the time they return!

local shiitake growers

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