31 May, 2010

I ate fat sweet peas from the garden and  watched a sauna go up. Papa daddy drove circles in the pasture with his wheel horse mower deck . That was the weekend. Cheney coming back through all of his weekends to finish the little sauna with it's sweet barn door and window, propped open with a two by four. The guys got the little coal stove moved in using advanced physics and i started crying, such a sweet gift, not sure why.
I might give it a test run today, i need to burn off the black paint coating on the stove pipe before the ladies come out to try it. I saged the walls with sage Doreen picked me from my favorite canyon in Northern Arizona.

I am working on a story about the life of an intern on a farm. Small farms can't function without the help of volunteer labor, work trade and intern help. Small farms are the unique style of food production to our region. This style defines us. It has meaning. Tell me what you know!

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