02 May, 2010

I love this design so much I enlarged it. Blurry But rock and roll. I was telling the food writer at the Mountainxpress that food is the new rock n roll. Food to table, food to school, food to save us, food to medicate, food to keep our hearts beating.

Anyway, Dad celebrated his 68th birthday this weekend. We went to the Riverfest up in Hotsprings. A few Marshall people were there, but most the folks come from elsewhere. We were lucky enuff to ride in on the coattails of Phil Cheney. Shealys have never done a lot of festival sort of things, it was certainly hedonistic, but that's okay.

We met with some girls from Warren Wilson yesterday. They will be coming to help on the homestead in June. I hope to show them a few things, and maybe even get some canning done before they head back to school. We are still looking for some one with building skills to pitch in. We are hoping to salvage the ole camp trailer for short term folks...thats it for today.

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