10 May, 2010

The outhouse at the yome needs some more boards nailed on doesn't it?

We have been playing phone tag with a miss Maggie down in Florida. She wants to come up and stay and help out on the homestead. I hear her son is a snack wrangler. Keep trying to get hold of us Maggie.
I am also excited at the possibility of ole Zach Chanin coming up to help out some. He says he will camp if I pay him in food. This Chanin feller is the nicest and hardest working guy in Alabama I am certain. We would be lucky.
Furthermore, his mamma with all her home spun styles and local labor and fabric is an inspiration to us. Alabama Chanin

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magnroar said...

so warms my heart to see us mentioned here, we are still workin on making it up and Rory, 5, is an amazing SNAKE and Snack wrangler and keeps asking when his snake handling job stats........we shall see, lookin good at the homestead galls, amazing heart art natasha, warriors yes need to get some of that