04 June, 2010

She stopped me and told me I was in my prime.

 While i dined alone on the patio at Bacchus , someone stopped me and asked if she could take my photograph, because i was in my prime, and it needed to be documented. What a sobering thought to ponder. I am at my peak, my best. I better get my shit together this year. Here is the photograph.

38 years alive. Everybody says they can't believe how long they have been alive. I can and I can't. I have seen many amazing thing, some of it on my top list of beautiful creation, most of it of the natural world, some of it the creative process.

Six knives and a pair of red shoes, here I go 38.

It's funny, Mum asked what I was wearing to make someone stop and take a snapshot .I  don't think it mattered.

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