13 June, 2010

Early this spring i had row upon row of starts poking their heads up, becoming kale, tomatoes and peppers, but now it seems we have just a modest sized garden. i am searching for tomato starts! Got any? Matt an Elizabeth at Leaning Willow farm are out.

I am going to break down and buy a few rainbow chard starts too, and return to the store this week to get more seed. I do not like being so ill planned, but we need mucho tomatoes . Mucho.

I also need to start planning for the fall, when I will try inoculating shiitake logs again. I am working on a grant idea for logs and an indoor growing system made out of an old boxcar. Heavy. It is difficult to get Steve Rice to act on voting me in to the board of directors, even though it is his idea.

To Do this week:
monday- meet with interns up road, play ping pong,till small garden
tuesday-Get supplies for arts camp- I am teaching a class on instruments made of recycled items!
meeting tuesday-dance class-
work on story about interns. Jamie if you see this, please finish!
Market wednesday- iron aprons!
thursday- meet with trevor and emily. show them planting, weeding, simple wildcrafting
friday- same
sat- glean produce from city market, take to charity
sunday- sauna

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