30 June, 2010

I have glitter stuck to the arch of my feet, not because I am magical, but because we decorated our instruments made of recycled products with confetti this morning. The instruments look like a party, and we are going to perform for Arts Camp as though we are at a party. It has been a good week.
Zack Becket arrived this weekend and has settled in the yurt Olivia built last year. He seems happy with the sitch, and is looking for work, so he can stay on with us longer. A hot shower every 5 or 6 days seems to work for him. I still feel like i need to figure out a shower system. Anyway, he mucked the barn a good bit this week and took  the manure down to the greenhouse to replenish the soil. Keep the soil plush, and you don't need to ad pesticides. The little things we learn.

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