23 June, 2010

I heard the clanking of metal down in the pasture , realizing that Charles the junkman had come earlier than I expected. I jumped in the jeep and raced down the holler hoping to say good bye to the old 64 jeep, and get a few bucks for the beast. He must of come and gone with confidence. I didn't see a sign of the guy at all.

He is coming back up to pick up the old camper trailer. i can't thnk about fixing up that old thing right now. It will be yummy to see the pasture open and freshened by the lack of eye clutter a clunk a clunk. I think Dad might even go on and sell the engine of the semi muscle car ! he would turn around and go on vacation to the Robert Monroe Institute, where they do remote viewing and other mind altering things.

So much about a place is restoration. Keeping the human foot print down, or at least cleaning up after yourself. Our eyes get rained to not notice the trash and tricks of the human machine.

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