13 June, 2010

If you had not spent time in the mountains what would be the first things to learn?

Lets gather dead wood to use as kindling.Get paper or flint.
Make a big batch of sun tea.
Set up your solar camping shower and bucket shower.
Fill a hand washing bucket.
Gather red clover and start an infusion to be consumed in the coming days. Good for the blood.
Haul water, pump water into water catchment if needed. Using a gasoline pump.boo.
Weed around home site.
Get peat moss for toilet. Black soil, (humanure is commonly used  once composted FYI.)
Check bedding for bugs. Always shake out the sheets and make the bed, so the bed bugs don't tempt fate.

Enjoy the simple pleasure and fall asleep by ten o'clock because you are honestly tired.
Find the satisfaction in causing no harm to the world in what you did during the day.

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