19 July, 2010

Bowls of chowder, fuffy waffles with berries, comfrey tea, a tarot reading, healing oils, afternoon naps with  boys, cd's with songs about broken bones, rainy day reading,unexpected monied gifts, sleep, take two not one. Reading books and snuggled in. A little sunshine, go outside each day. Dream of places you will walk and dance to. Body awareness, can feel the screws through the bone, but they are really staples that can be popped out with ease. The metal in the leg can not. But rest assured, the scars will not go off in the metal detector at the airport. Maybe it is made from a spaceship your new ankle, unkle ankle you. Warrior and little girl. Creativity can not be held back any longer, she stays puts and waits, her injury, an egg of unknown value.

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Anonymous said...

thank you sister- i love this!