29 September, 2010

Dream a night

The dreams have been quickening. Last night I dreamed I was walking around the Asheville Mall When two men who looked like they were South America approached me. They said they worked for MTV filming inccidents before they happen.That they had the abbility to see into the future. I sat down with them, our legs and arm intertwined. I asked the man closests to me if he was sent to me, and if they were Yaqui. The man who was most handsome said he was my teacher and that they were from somewhere that I didn't recognize.

I left them and went my way down the mall to a glass walled room. The glass was interesting for some reason, so I touched it. Thats when the film crew appreared.. The familar told me he had told me this would happen. The glass began vibrating and shifting then eventually shattered and landed all over my back in water droplets that cut my skin but didn't hurt. We watched it all on a tv screen wihile it happend. WTF?

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