13 September, 2010

Meeting this afternoon for the Ag Options grant. God bless Jennifer Flynn and her day job. What would I do with the cash? We would educate & become a location, create a logo and a voice. Winter is doing circles around the cabin and I need to corner some chaps about delivering the Upland 107. A real stove this year, maybe I will be able to make through the winter.

I ran over an owl a few nights ago, then dreamed a black widow hung above my head while I slept. I think it had something to do with Laura M's apple tree sculpture mobile I hung above the bed.  The night before I dreamed a baby died in my arms.
Not much sleep in the transition to fall. I made a decision last week that came on like a halogen light bulb, Like how people describe this sort of thing to happen to them. But it doesn't seem to manifest like I thought. Not yet. Go home and carry the water, you can chop the wood in another state if you want to.

Speaking of other states, Off to the desert in a month. Got to watch myself this time, and return home. To my mountain home that is. I will always have scorched red sand in my blood.

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