17 September, 2010

The rain of serious rains hit the house last night waking me up at one. Which led me to drinking a beer at five am in hopes of knocking me out in the nick of time to catch a few REM's before building Simbach Design's ole blog.
I have to say that staying up all night worked to my advantage this once because I am making some progress in the dream world. Which is weird when it happens in the dream world then happens in reality a day or so later. This dream seems to be progressing. Let's say I maxed out the good work last night, managing to be overcome by emotion in the dreamworld bedroom that my whole family shared, to the point of falling down while making out with a mister and knocking over papa daddy's nightstand. he didn't mind though because I was happy in a way I don't know exists but in dream time. So, lets see what transpires. Last week's dream involved us getting lost in a crowd and not being able to find each other at the same time, you know, like in the old films?

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