28 December, 2010

I have been trying to to find meaning in the return home to the high desert of my childhood. So many parts of being home have nothing to do with practicality. Looking for full-time work to justify staying close to my mother and spending poignant time with John. It's hard to see Eliphante' with all of the connections, plans and expectations from people who knew the folks who built the thirty year art project, and some who don't know jack bout the place. I think that maybe Ellen and I should have begun working on a book about the place months ago.

I am looking for work, hoping to speak to Nutri Health soon.
Meanwhile I will continue working on the winter garden on El Rancho Bonito, returning to my downward dog pose with stiff limbs, and learning to function as two instead of one.

This shot was taken of John and I after we took a "flight" or wine tasting at Stronghold Winery in Old Town Cottonwood. We sat against a concrete wall, soaking up the mid afternoon sun. Like lizards, sans the cold blood.

Ellen Jo's Story on Eliphante' for the Noise Saving Eliphante


Anonymous said...

On the contrary is is actually very easy to get involved here at Eliphante. We have work parties every Tuesday and Sunday. Sunday evening potlucks or we also do tours by appointment. You can call to RSVP at (928)634-2687

Anonymous said...

What happened to the cob building project?