24 January, 2011

The long weekend is over with friends celebrated, pink balloons stomped on, and the Verde River hiked along. The only casualty was a 24 hour flu, the dogs eating half the cake before delivery, and a large scraping, clunking sound from the left wheel area of Johns truck. It's weird and stressful when folks desire your attention at once and you just need ten minutes in a closet by yourself. It's times like this I miss my sister... tho Meredith set me up with cake making supplies, and Jenny rubbed my feet down with tiger balm, talking stories of our rural farm home of Marshall, NC.
She left on her way to New Zealand with plans to become involved with Eliphante. She was excited about incorporating her natural building supply store in to the action. have fun Jennifer, travel safe.

I dreamed I was standing at a bridge to an old woman's house when I was bit on each hand by a snake. It was incredible to watch the fangs sink in to my hands. I need to research snake mythology.

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