17 February, 2011

Farmer Franks School of Business

We have been coming to sober conclusion that it is an insane act of passion to grow food for others. Farmer Frank is driven to sell his organic produce for such a great price because he is on a mission. I think it is cuz his Dad died of pesticides.

People want cheap. They want cheap and they get paid poorly themselves. It's a big merry go round.

Our first week went well. We sold all of our produce except about twenty bunches of turnips John has over ordered with such gusto. But after paying everybody out we have a few bucks to spend on a dinner out and send a deposit to New Mexico for the adobe. Like I said, it takes insanity...activism to not cave to the cheaper cheappy cheap. Odd how we are just fighting for things to be natural, old fashioned even.
Photos by Ellen Jo the Verde Valley documentarian.

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