23 February, 2011

It looks like Temra Costa isn't going to feature me on here Farmer jane blog after all due to the fact that I am out here in Arizona and not western North Carolina. This is a sad sigh, but things keep rolling towards spring here. Thunderfoots heirloom mizuna mustard seeds are doing well in the funny little greenhouse down on Libby lane as are the beets and carrots.
We are going to get some heirloom tomato starts from Sweet Corn Organic Nursery  in Show Low and plant up a storm so I can make salsa and sauce in August or so. Which leads me to announce that I will be starting up Natasha Shealy's Badass School for Girls again shortly after, moving into the old adobe in Centerville. The first session will be on making adobe, maybe we will make an orno up at the casa. This day will include juniper mead making. yipee

See everyone at the Sedona Farmers market on SUNDAY 11-3 

Maybe Ellen Jo Roberts will be there to document the day?

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Unknown said...

Are you ever going back to Marshall?