07 February, 2011

It's real hip to go to farmers markets and dote on small farm life, but the reality is the majority of Americans buy from Walmart. I can understand why, I have been getting my food from the food bank  for the past few months. God Bless the amount of organic produce that shows up there!
 The majority of our funds are spent on utilities and gasoline. Ignoring health only to pay for doctors and treatments later on.
The fuel for our bodies take a back seat. Why is this? 

We are preparing to launch organic sales in the Verde Valley. We are buying produce from Johns former boss , the owner of Crooked Sky Farms. Why are we buying from a farm in phx.? Because local organics are not available in the Verde Valley. We a taking one step closer to living locally by shopping for food from Phx. rather than getting veggies shipped in from Mexico or Spain.

But buying produce is just the first step in learning to tread lightly in our world. I do believe we are all accountable and effect others through our choices. Having climbed up on the soap box, I will now climb down....We are also offering SEED KITS! Seed kits for companion planting, for small container gardens, great for the gypsy gardener, or for someone wanting to grow their own food on a small scale.
Check the seed kits out at the Sedona Farmers market this coming SUNDAY 11-4pm

I can help you start a small box garden! Just let me know!

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