21 February, 2011

We got rained out from market this weekend with two days of rain. John managed to plant some peach trees from Afghanistan at the vineyard and the adobe though! We are now offering peach trees brought to Show Low by a man who immigrated to the high country of Arizona after his family was killed by the Taliban.
The trees are heritage breed with clingstones..clingstones being the disatvange. $20 a tree...Buy a few and I will drop them by.

The good news about rain is that it rained in Phoenix, giving the farm a boost! We expect to see an increase in size of the veggies this week... Which helps everyone make the leap to buying seasonally and regionally(:

Here is a snap of Mum & I at market. Photo by Ellen Jo Roberts

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Unknown said...

You look so pretty and happy in AZ - especially when you are standing next to that tall good looking boy!