25 April, 2011

In a few days I will be in the holler of Western Carolina. Hopefully napping and cuddling with my sweet doggie Stella.
Time to be celebrated with my growing belly with
the women. A time to not worry or figure our how to keep the business a float during so many changes, a time to recieve help and nurturing.This is my time, and I aim to recieve the love deserved, love which stores up as strength in the coming years....an arrow from cupids little sturdy bow!
 Besides that , I sure will miss John and the crazy adobe. I will miss the mustard greens and the our market friends,  I will miss the basil starts but hope you buy them before I return. Come down to the adobe and pick up a basil start! $4
I hve been making collard and kale chips on the dehydrator.yum!

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