18 May, 2011

It isn't without politics that people grow food. John has been spending long evenings with A. planting an acre of property in Cottonwood. It seems everyone wants a piece of the pie and some folks are threatened by change and new ideas.

There is an advantage to coming to the table clean, and I was told folks would try to shoot me down, with my ideas on forming a CSA involving several plots of land. It is a very different mentality than what I have learned in the schooling of WNC agriculture, where people make it work and the market is saturated.

I was approached a few months ago by a group seeking a CSA due to the collapse of another CSA in the region who could not provide for the amount of people seeking local food.

Amyway, the photo to the left is of John usubg ditch water and tubing to water the crops. Ditch water is key in this region folks, and it is available. One of the genius ideas. Perhaps native ideas?

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