27 August, 2006

frottaging, a verb

when i lived in tucson i hung out with this strange punk guy named skully. he looked like a skeleton, and only liked to eat fast food, because vegetables made him fart.
we would ride bikes and go to the occasional gutter punkish show. i was allready transitioning into the elitest college punk scene, because the 'real" punks grossed
me out a lot of the time.
anyway one night we went to a show, and skully told me how much he liked to frottage.

i didnt understand. i thought i was so mature, but i was a pretty naive 22 year old.

later i found out what frottage meant:

frot·tage (frô-täzh') pronunciation

1. The act of rubbing against the body of another person, as in a crowd, to attain sexual gratification.

there are other meanings for the word, but i know he was not refering to doing
charcoal rubbings.

I thought of this the other night when i was at house show on o'leary street. everyone was smashed together and sweaty. this clean, sparkly looking guy was in front of me, and was pressed up against me in a way that made me feel hyper aware of my skin. i haven't had sex in a year and a half, and feel like i might end up frottaging at college punk party if i do not come to terms with myself.

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