28 August, 2006


when new to a town,i start talking about frottage. this is when it is time to jog.
i like to do the eliptical machine at the Firm. The Firm boasts of its mezzinene layout.
i just crank up the new wave and hide my tears in the sweat.

ipod songs in which to do this
1. fischerspooner-emerge
2. goldfrapp-strict machine
3. madonna -hung up
4.kelis- bossy ( need some of whats shes got)
5.le tigre-hot topic
6.outkast-hey ya
7.sage francis- sun vs moon
8.sage francis-bridle
9. flip flop-young joc- duh what is with car culture?
10.eminem- lose your self- this one makes me cry when iam hung over

whatev theres more but i gota go actualize.

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