31 August, 2006

one way or another

I had a perplexing conversation the other night which led me to believe that even relationships are grounds for opportunist advancement.( Duh, like Natasha is finally getting it?)

A guy, who shall remain nameless, warned me numerous times not to steal his "man", a man he had broken up with weeks earlier because of reasons I am not certain,( but might or might notinvolve a trip to the rez with the Shealy sisters...
(I assured him that I did not see his "man" in this light, and that he would be best to just patch up the squabbles within his community. He was not interested in this.

Then he told me that I wanted to have a baby. I looked at him like he was a carnival
fortune teller. Well, actually i do. one. and perhaps a dog with all those sheepish looking curls too.

he moved on to tell me that he liked women too, and that he wanted to have a baby as well.
he suggested we get together on this.

I guess he has all angles figured out.

anne recomends me not listening to this gay man plot at all. that she has been propositioned in the same way, but she knew deep in her heart that the guy would just run with the baby.
not with out my baby you don't!

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