30 August, 2006

organizations to start when you are unemployed

last night meredith and i were talking about my plans to start a community outreach chapter to The Noise. I told her that it needs to involve children. I thought of klee and ray, and their efforts in the community towards youth.

later that night i stood inbetween the two of them and told them that i needed to talk to the both them. klee asked if it was a good time then, but i didn't feel like the monte vista was the spot to be having a serious conversation. i didn't feel like shouting.i trust i did not miss my moment.

meredith is concerned i will loose my steam and just be a big talker.
while yes, there was a little bit of whiskey involved last night, this has been a plan for quite sometime, i just didnt understand the grantwriting world, the non-profit world,
and now i have a bit of a grasp on the arena... it is polished begging.

what to do whilst unemployeed? I needn't repeat my trusty list?

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