11 February, 2007

Dear Ryan,

I was pleased to see the weekly publish a letter in opposition to your views , until I noticed that you were actually mocking the writer. You are behaving no differently then the review you called out from The Noise... Except you have an on staff copy editor.

We here at the Noise are a Mom and Pop business, literally. Regional and idealistic as it gets. You needn't pretend the corporate paper you work for is home grown and cares about its' people. Maybe YOU care. Maybe a few others on staff care, but you are expendable in the larger picture. I recommend you use your talent to affect change instead of pondering the glory days and making fun of people that don't hang out on the proverbial front porch.

Thanks for reading our publication. I am pleased it has engaged you, Flagstaff
urgently needs more active folks in its' community that aren't afraid to oppose the tired, old, king.


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