14 February, 2007

it was the weirdest exchange at the post office. I was like- put this in a brown envelope, and he was like -No, too fragile, too special- i was like- i dont want PRIORITY mail. this isnt a PRIORITY. - then i laughed at how weird i was being. the postman though i was weird because priority mail was a dollar cheaper, and much safer...So i took the box home and spray painted a red house stencil on the box, then brought it back. the postman was like- this has obviously been sprayed with a flamable substance. Did you spray the inside too?-
i was like- No, it is just a valentine.
A dangerous enough substance on its own i suppose.

After that I went two miles on the treamill listening to the emtron 007 mix. check it out
at robothouse.org ..gotta post the link later, cuz Sophia is bouncing off the walls due to all the sugar her daycare and daddy fed her. She finally bumped her head after trying to push herself in her dolls carriage. the BUMPING kind of calmed her.

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