06 March, 2007

I was about to write you an hour ago when dad called me on the phone with his South Carolina Drawl. He carried on for a long time about how the phone hadn't been working, and the worker had climbed up Hogskin Branch in to their holler to fix their Answering machine.
finally he was able to tell me the chemo the prayers,the laying on of hands and the accupuncture had not suceeded in taking rennies cancer away. She is due to
have surgery down at Duke University in April. Everyone is silently concerned because she has a heart condition which makes the surgery something we can't even use words to talk about. Dad just went on to say he was going to get some ancient tea for her to drink. a prayer to drink maybe.
He says people anonomously send them money and buy them gasoline. that reminds me of the decorated jars you see at gas stations asking for your contribution to help rebuild a familys life after some tragic disease. maybe that is a sign, that there will be an afterward, and that Rennie will be blessed with the miracle of seeing grandchildren.
Dad has asked me to write everyday, even if it stinks. So this is what I must do. Write when you don't have a muse and the muse will return. something like that he said with a south carolina drawl mixed with a bit of sleep, grief and hope.

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