27 May, 2007

Sunday Morning met by the last few days of life with housemates. The weekend has been less than productive. I have yet to work in the garden, or weed out cheap, un functional clothing. My house mate aaron got me zonked friday night. Isn't it weird how friends try to give friends hangovers? Anyway I kept taking little mini naps throughout the night then getting up and drinking more wine. Eventually I put on my party shoes and dress and sent some have wit booze blathering text messages before i got distracted by stretching and forgot to Go Out.
Good bye Flagstaff..Hello Cornville and Jerome.

On a happy note the Sieverds have a big new cliff hanging casa in Jerome.
Its big, but dangerous. I hope they can convince Sophia to listen!! No Sophia, don't open the gate and run into traffic! No Sophia don't jump off the porch!
Things will be okay if she listens and they give their babysitters a guest room.

Today is about packing and gardening, with a late afternoon drive to Cornville to work on Sabbath. Sunny Sabbath, not Black Sabbath.

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kyle said...

You could garden to black sabbath. I think that would work...nothing like iron man to motivate playing in the dirt. Ask Sophia, she knows all about it. Sorry I didn't join you in the garden today. I tended to my own. How can I best help? Do you have plants in the ground yet? I want to see the new Noise headquarters.