29 May, 2007

Packing and expressing some sort of closure here in Flagstaff. it reminds me of years ago when i was living in Asheville. I used to say to my self that I would prolly never live in Arizona again, but if I did it would be in Flagstaff. That was before the changes. The obvious changes. its sad to see a town of so many young people without a youth voice. Sure there is the Noise, but folks don't stand up for much here. Indy stores close down left and right, rich folks dictate the social climate of the town.
Its expensive. Honestly I find myself to be a bit of a pioneer. i like the small towns that are still open to being shaped. Towns that offer the freedom of social capitol.
Anyway. I am going down to the Monte Vista for a drink with a neat guy, maybe we will talk about neat stuff and I will put a cap on a short stint on top of the mountian.

I will still be coming up to work on the garden, but I am going to need some help with this folks! I didn't realize the whole paper would be relocating to the Verde Valley when I started. The hub is moving, I should say...There many writers in Flag that will
keep the oil burning for independent publishing.

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