09 June, 2007

Turning 35 isn't so tramatic with the help of some wonderful friends. Kyanne, Annebelle, Meredith,Ellen, Christa, Stacy,Sammy and I met in Old Town for Thai food at the Thai Palace. We talked about how important it is to pull your "birthday card" to get something social accomplished. After dinner we went to good ole Kactus Kates for some karoeke.
Ellen and Meredith were the champs of that silliness, though I did do a little clogging for the fans.
What a great night!


Anonymous said...

Hey Natasha, Happy Brithday! ;) wait till 40, its fun.


ellen jo said...

The barefoot-clogging was the most delightful thing anyone had ever seen at Kactus Kate's (that is since the hoola hoop moment of 2005).