06 June, 2007

Well life is in 5th gear here in the Verde Valley if that is possible. Stacy and I are working together once again at Buena Vista, and I am working in the pottery studio for Evan And Kyanne as well. I haven't yet picked up a jogging regime, which makes me a bit off balance. What a person has to do, is get up at 5:45 and take off running outa their bedroom. Maybe I should start wearing clothes to bed. My exercise clothes. yes.. clothes in bed.

Anyway The Noise has moved to Jerome, and I have been driving up there to visit Meredith and Charlie. I am bothered that Sophia sleeps upstairs away from the ears of her parents and divided by a angular , metal staircase.

On an up note i might volunteer with the Jerome Art camp this summer, to help M. L.
with a zine camp. I was volunteered for this. Perhaps he can help Stacy and I with
the skate camp I am supervising next week.

Baker is coming in July with 500 praying people. I wonder what that will look like.

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ellen jo said...

Aw the Shumacher Shubaker is a cutie.

Chad sez Jerome Kids Art Workshop is seeking full time help--if you wanna supplement your already busy schedule. There'e money in it. It's a paid position.