21 July, 2007

Well, I experimented with the colorful use of language in my blog, and got heated results, besides that I managed to get a few more boards of bead board up in the studio, made myself a ginger lemonade, and headed out on a long walk to the Woodruffs farm to get in their hot tub.
On the way I stopped in at our old crooked barn to look through some boxes and came eye to eye with a young doe. She backed out onto the hay loft and looked like she was going to scream her head off. Deer DO make noises, by the way...
Later I will walk home, make a symposia ( my new adult beverage of choice), and maybe paint some signs down in the pasture. Quiet stuff today. But that is good.

P.S. Meredith - Elizabeth Veringle, an old, chain smoking, German Lady, is going to teach me to butcher chickens. Maybe I can submit this documentation to The Noise?

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