08 August, 2007

The Farm Journal

Shit. I should not have given most of my cowboy boots away, because I have a big ole hole in the bottom right palm of the foot and a nice new rip on the leather of my only pair. Hope my dear mother doesn't read this, becuase she will call me up scolding me for giving all my stuff away.
But people do wierd things when they have to move really fast.

I am going to get a little studio at the Marshall High Studios. It will nice to finally have a place of my own. A Laughing Place as Pa calls it.
A place I will go to to giggle?

Eamon and I are still working on the interview. He isn't going to let me ask him half assed slippery questions. His brain power is almost his most attractive quality.

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Anonymous said...

everyone needs a place to giggle