28 September, 2007

The Farm Journal

It was a close call with the Cory yesterday. I had noticed the night before that Max, our Appaloosa, stood alone in the pasture. It was around dusk, and I thought this was pecular, sense Max & Cory are madly in love with each other, and barely leave each others side.

I figured that things can happen once without much notice, and went on up to the house.

But by yesterday, I knew something was wrong as I left the pasture. When I returned Max was calling for Cory repeatedly, and she would call for him but not gallup up! So I kept calling her till I found her at the far end of the pasture caught over a barbed wire fence. She had been that way, for what I figure to be two days! She was frightened, and wouldn't back up when I tried to use horse language. We were lucky enough to not have to cut the fence, but simpley unhook the top wire from a little palstic hold. She stood there stunned for a few minutes, then galluped across the pasture with Max. She was desperate for a drink of water.
Olivia called shortly after. I explained this all to her, and she said that Cory would remember this.
I hope she does, come the time I decide to ride her!


Anonymous said...

SPELL CHECK. I thought you were a writer!

NATASHA SHEALY-natasha@thenoise.us said...

Who told you I was a writer?