24 October, 2007

So I bought a two hundred-dollar lap top the other day. I am beginning to see why it was such an amazing deal. It didn’t come with Office, which I fixed by installing my my dusty Windows 97 Office program from 1998.
The familiar corny, winking paper clip showed up to torment me in my slow discovery of this new computer friend.

I went to a Friends Meeting with my new, human friend on Sunday.( This event was a surprise that I didn't process until the day had long waned.) That afternoon I stood in DCJ's huge, overgrown back yard, whacking kudzu vines off a movie prop fire pit, wanting to burn the energy out of my skin. Kin to Eve in a house dress, on a Sunday afternoon.

Not popular, but populus. I like that sentiment on the influence of William Blakes life and works on others.

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