13 November, 2007

The Farm Journal

Feeling like a phony. Standing here on this misplaced island
Amongst the studios that produce. The Marshall High Studios opened last month,
and for some dreamy reason I had to be there amongst the middle aged tenants
to rent a modest space to write. Maybe I will write the alphabet , maybe I will write a grocery list. I will surely write the ways back to a mended heart.

But its best first to write the way backwards from the dead.
a yarn unfoiling or maybe the other way around. Come Ruth, Esther, Hazel, Leevi, Ramona,Darren & Rennie.
So many have died in my life this past year and a half, It makes up a family of refugees in heaven.
And I am tired from it. Finally.


Anonymous said...

I found a special item for you at the Jerome Humane Society sale on Saturday. I was gonna save it for Christmas but sounds like you could use it now. Be on the look out for it cousin. It's on the way.

NATASHA SHEALY-natasha@thenoise.us said...

i need your snail mail again ...