22 December, 2007

The Farm Journal

I wish I had some Wellies after all. The walk to and from the pasture is going to take its toll on my hip, pony coloured boots. Maybe there will be some rubber firemans boots under the tree this year.
Uggg. This year.

I managed to get the farm to myself for a few hours, I plan to snoop around till I find one of Dad's cheap beers and go roll myself a cigarette and stand a spell on the porch listening to the wind whip down the north side of the property.
I am thinking about planting ginseng up on that side this year. I bet I can get a grant for that.

Speaking of grants. I have deadline for one from the Cooperative Exstenion. They dole out bits to encourage people to use their growth spaces.
Jan 25th!! Gotta make some phone calls to Charles Sawyer about a price quote on digging a pond to irrigate the land, grow fish, and find refreshment! This would be a great way to spend 5 grand.
The groundskeeper with that sunny disposition asked me a few times if he could come over and see our property. I shoulda said "Lets go right now." I realize I can not do this all, but need the help of family and friends, especially ones with sunny dispositions!
With that there is hope (:


Meredith (quick lattice) Seiverd said...

What growing conditions does ginseng need? I want a bumper crop of ginseng and hops this next growing season.

Saw Matthew last night. He is doing very well and has a smashing handlebar mustache! He shows up every time he is mentioned in conversation.

Didya know Charlie has been growing one out for me during the last few months? My present this year. He has now seen the glory of the handlebar and is filled with renewed interest. I think. He has a while more to go. The sides of his 'stache don't seem to understand this new uncut freedom they have and are growing slowly.

Me? Still have not cut my hair. It will be a year before it gets warm again. I told him I'll hold on to it till then. It hasn't been this long in about 15 years. Even though it was just the front back then.

Funny how people change and stay the same. What has changed for Ms. Shealy?

Anonymous said...

Well good to hear about the handlebar mustache!! Reminds me of the "Gift of the Magi"

Whats going on with my hair?
I am growing it out while also cutting it myself. A bit of the mange.

How was the Cornville party?
Is that where you saw MAtthew?

Anonymous said...

Why hops?

Meredith said...

Matthew was getting Thai food with his girlfriend and a few other folk. We went if for a quick mid-Noise meal. Dude is quite the handsome hipster now.


Cornville was good. I will call and converse later today.

The hops? Well, my friend Wes is into doing homemade beers, and Charlie wants to try his hand at it too. Besides, why not grow hops?