10 January, 2008

The Farm Journal

So how does one balance the tension between federal and state funding, and the desire to be innovative and free? I am in the process of applying for a state grant for funding towards alternative water processes. The state fellers seem hopeful, and are very supportive. I love this, but question how much should one depend on the state for?
In the late part of the last century folks bought farms to get back to the land, but most often found themselves commuting great distances to bring home the bacon.
My Daddy raised me to know that one day I would find solace and survival on the land. I have come home to seek this.
So, what do you do once you've made the decison to be once again absorbed into the salt of the earth?
I guess you apply for grants, cuz kids , growing vegetables alone does not make one
capable of paying for all they things they need and do not make.
Lets trade... I need some labor for a small rustic stilted "treehouse" camping cabin.
A place for teachers and students to stay.

Places to place cisterns:
1. Gutter off of family farmhouse
2. Gutter off of Textile Studio
3. Barn
4. Cabin

One water source needs to go to the growth space, another to the barn.
1000 gallon tanks look funny, we need something smaller, maybe even underground if we can promise to be tidy. HA


Kyle said...

hey, I hope you're doing well. It sounds like you're learning a lot and having fun. Maybe I'll come stay in your treehouse.

Anonymous said...

hey kyle, come and help with stuff this summer! you get free range of the food in the garden. An hour from asheville (: