03 January, 2008

The Farm Journal

Pure like snow angels.
The New Year is upon us with snow up on Big Pine Road. This is my first snow in in Madison County since the early 1980's. It is different then the snows in Flagstaff. The energy of the high elevation propelled folks out onto the
streets without a care. Perhaps it is just different here, because I live in the middle of nowhere... Well, kind of. The cell phone satellites reach us now,the planes with special drug censors reach us now, so I guess Big Pine is way in the middle of somewhere.

Making great progress with the AgOptions 2008 grant application! I am happy to be researching and talking to people about our dreams as a family. We spoke with Charles Sawyer on New Years day to get a price quote on a permaculture pond to irrigate our growth space, and to water livestock. He just drove up our holler on New Years day, I take that as a fine omen indeed!

Then David Kendell from the Cooperative Extension called with fresh ideas about drilling a well or building camping cabins. he is talking about long term goals my friend. Long term goals. I don't mind.
Here comes the extended growth space for a winter garden, curly mustards, rutabagas, parsnips,fancy black radishes. The reintroduction of native plants like ginseng and goldenseal, a fish pond with trout or brim, and a camping cabin. Oh Lordy, let it be before I am 40!


Anonymous said...

Hello lady,

Did you go on your walk?

How is life in the new year?

No coats out in the snow?

Must have been a nice day.

I'm calling later.

Anonymous said...

I banged up me leg mate!