19 February, 2008

The Farm Journal & E.Y. Ponder

I have taken on a job rendering the life of the E.Y. Ponder, sheriff and "king" of Madison County for decades. He was a colorful character for sure. I am seeking stories about Ponder. One needn't censor their tales, we are collecting the good and the ugly. He surely would like it that way best.

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Anonymous said...

living in Madison County as a child going to Marshall elementary school on the French Broad river and also going to Madison High my father was very good friends with E.Y Ponder they used to eat lunch together. I had a different relationship with him the first time I met E.Y. Ponder I had just gotten married and he came to my home to resister me to vote I wasn't given a choice he just wrote down "DEM" I told him that my father was a "REP" and that is what I wanted to be too. He looked at me and tiled his hat back on his head put his hand on my shoulder and made a little squeez and looked me right in the eye and said Are you sure that is what you want? I was scared and I just shooked my head no with that he filled out OUR paperwork shook my hand and left. I was surprised that my father got along with E.Y ponder they were so different, my father was born and raised in Brookyn New York but then again my father got along with everyone.