19 March, 2008

The Farm Journal

Does anyone need any natural fertilizer? Shealy Farm has bucket loads! Bill and I spent a few hours shoveling manure onto slumbering beds down in the pasture garden.
The wagon flung a whole pile of poo out and we had to shovel it up again.

Later I planted to deer resistant flowers. I am wondering if they are deer resistant or deer repellent. If they are deer repellent I need to run up to ole Ingles and buy
enough to plant around the perimeter of the growth space. SHOOT. I bet they aren't organic...

On to another topic. I am working on forgiveness today. Lord help me be kind.


Anonymous said...

We need fertilizer here in Jerome!

Anonymous said...

Is that your pappy in the photo?
I think it is. I've seen you stand that way.

Checkin in on you, cousin!

And they don't need no fertilizer in Jerome- believe me that town generates LOTS of it!