27 March, 2008

The Farm Journal

I have locked myself in my studio to finish transcribing these EY Ponder tapes, but I would rather be walking around outside catching sunshine on my skin.

Amy Moore & Keene, came over this morning to help me muck a bit of the barn. We filled up the back of her 4X4, then shoveled a few piles to dry out. I will have to consult David Schmucker on how to layer the straw and other bits.I should have known that when Amy said she had yet to get dirty, she would fall in. She fell into a slopof what Keene deemed the "black gold."

On a more personal note, I just don't feel like writing anymore. i know it shows in my lack of editing... After all of the loss and deaths this year, I thought I would be ready to sit down and kick ass. Well, thats not the case. I would rather be a part of something outside of my own head.

I think about duct taping myself to my chair sounds mildly appealing until I think about writing page after page of stuff that comes out of my head.
I would rather write about you. I would rather the words tumbling out of my head be about you. How you make soap, or soup or build straight fences.

Let me know if you need any "black gold".


Zuma Coffee and Zuma Cookie Company said...

perhaps some Texas tea.........

Anonymous said...

You must be talkin' about moon pie