18 April, 2008

The Farm Journal

I threw two of the chicks into the hen house to fend for themselves... I thought I was doing the tough love act, but came to find that maybe I was doing the bad steward act. The next morning the runt of the two chicks was missing, and her robust sibling looked puffed up and hen pecked. I imagine that the runt had wiggled through the wire, hen yard and had been led astray by freedom. I am certain an owl swooped in for a midnight snack and that was the end of the story.

I was pleased to see the remaining chick acclimate quite well, thus added the two remaining chicks to the brood. I recommend keeping the chicks separated from the hens for 6 weeks. I feel that I might have put those little guys in a few days too soon.
I am now feeding the whole brood crumble feed. Wayne Uffleman suggests feeding each bird 1/2 pound of pellets or crumble daily, and more will make them bottom heavy, and they wont tend to lay.

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